Sunday, January 6, 2013

L'earning to love: Lesson 6: Harmony

L´earning to  Love
Gloria Ornelas Hall
Lesson 6: Harmony
Technological intercommunication is an external projection of our innate internal connectedness. Just as we can interact simultaneously through cell phones and internet, we can be aware of each others’ thoughts, feelings and needs. We must however, be connected, have a channel with fidelity and the emotional password!
Music too, has been a channel through which individuals merge into one tune. Individual instruments become one harmony in choirs and orchestration. This is the message that Gustavo Dudamel has brought to Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, as he funnels promising youth from all social strata, through his musical direction to jointly create orchestral masterpieces. Formed in the Venezuelan National System of Youth Orchestras, started by Dr. José Antonio Abreu, he has ignited flaring passion through music to promote united-ness and peace throughout the world. He emphasizes that music is the language all nations understand, the promise of togetherness that young talents are bringing into the world today.

If love is the cohesive bond that unites and elevates us to our full potential, music certainly fits the description. Love brings our hearts to beat to one same rhythm. This is the basic principle of prayer and mantras throughout different religions- to elevate spiritual energy to vibrate as one unified being.
Check this astounding virtual choir that united individual voices from isolated computers, into one inspirational tune of hope for the world. If this isn´t love, what is?



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