Sunday, January 13, 2013

L'earning to Love. Truth

L´earning to  Love

Gloria Ornelas Hall

Lesson 13: Truth

Reality has nothing to do with Truth. Reality is ‘subjective perspective’ and Truth is ‘things as they are’. Reality is perceived through the senses; Truth, through the Soul. Everyone may have a different relative reality; but Truth exists, whether we perceive it or not. Reality is circumscribed by temporal, spatial and circumstantial conditions. Truth is essence, eternal.

We do not share the same reality, but we are all part of One Truth.

True Loving is Love in Truth. Romantic fantasizing, self-deluded idealism, or wishful thinking is not True Love. It may be temporal or circumstantial subjective elation, or just a chemical, hormonal and neural reaction. True Love is not conditioned by a legal contract, social approval, mutuality or retribution. We can Love, unloved.  It is not determined by will or by justice; it is not fair; it cannot be earned or learned. (So reading this blog is useless!!!)

Centered in our Higher Self, we can anchor into the a-temporal space where thoughts loose importance, breath establishes a rhythm and silence encompasses us with the embracing assurance that everything is OK; regardless, despite it all, and we are in peace. Only in this peace can we become aware of Higher Loving.

The challenge is not only to tap into, and feel this overpowering impasse, but to Love others within its  overwhelming, unconditional acceptance, letting go to Trust.

I don´t know ‘how’ to do it. I have ‘been’ it, but I cannot control it by will. It doesn´t seem to be about ‘how’ we love, but about ‘who we are’ when we love.  It is not about ‘what’ we love in others but about ‘whom’ we love in others. We must focus on loving others’ Higher-selves, from our own Higher Self. This recognition willallow me to re-cognize myself in others. We have each other to reflect Love back to unto ourselves.

It is as if True Love were the very air we breathe. It surrounds us. We take it in and give it out. It fills our very nature and from our intimacy shares that, of others. We cannot live without it. We cannot hold it, measure it or buy it. It is freely given and taken. Pain arises when we block its path…whether from letting Love in, or from letting Love out. It hurts to want to Love and be unable or be rejected. It hurts to want to be loved and not receive it.

Giving and taking Love is being part of the flow of Life. Becoming aware of it is being in a state of grace.

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